Hi, I’m Timur. I’m from Moscow (Russia) and I’m a teacher of English and I’m going to help you to enhance your skills in English – reading, listening, writing and, of course, speaking! =) During the classes you will be able to speak a lot, to practice your grammar and vocabulary, do interesting and useful exercises.

You’ll be getting interesting homework full of helpful exercises, tests, movies and texts, that you will do when (and if) you have free time for that. The tasks are usually taken from the most effective and popular books like English File Third Edition, Market Leader, Solutions and others. I’ve been learning English since I was seven and I’ve been teaching English since 2014. Having UNIcert II and other certificates I was having a long practice of using the language while I was living and studying in Europe especially in Stuttgart (Germany) for more than 3 and a half years. Economics, mathematics, statistics, project analysis, agriculture and, of course, English were and are my main interests. However, I like talking about everything that can be a part of human life =) We can discuss the last news from Euronews and BBC, discuss your hobbies and interests, talk about books, movies, science, literature, politics and/or just about life building your vocabulary. You can practice your English within the short classes during several weeks getting valuable practice and experience or you can do a full 6-8 month level course (up to Upper-Intermediate) and pass a final test from the corresponding book. The schedule of the classes is flexible – we can plan the studying from 8 a.m. till 20 p.m. of Moscow time, and if you need to change the time of the planned class just inform me about that in advance and we will postpone it, the time is always discussable.

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